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The Band W3Detour.


W3Detour are a tight outfit with a wealth of music experience and bring back the essence of the Beat Group Era from the mid-late 60's with original material written by Danno. Songs such as Shallowness, Back to You and Why Not dynamically capture the era. Beat/Blues covers from that era enhance the band's core sound. An album launch the band are getting radio play across all the media platforms. The "Passing Time" album with Pedal Steel supplied by BJ Cole. This is one album not to be missed. A great group to play at your Festival or large venue.

Danno Sheehan.

Danno Sheehan

From Danno's deep roots in the days of the Beat Group era in mid-late 60's in Cork,with the likes of Rory Gallagher, Danno regularly played support to well- known artists such as Rory/Garry Moore and the Miami Show Band, all this well before the word blues was introduced by the likes of John Mayhall. This followed an exciting stint in Glasgow with the Band: Canvist (2001-2004) who went on to play Dundee, Colne and Tarbert festivals amongst others. Danno finally settled in London in 2010 where W3detour is the current reincarnation and where the band has an excellent fan base.

Del Rose.

Del Rose

The key to a successful band is the Lead guitarist and this is ably provided by Del whose feel for rock/blues is second to none. Del is a very skilled guitarist focusing on lead providing the foundations of the band and vocally adds a flavor of Jimmy Hendrix into the mix.

Rosemary Poole.

Rosemary Poole

In the meantime, in London, Drummer Rosemary is working with bands such as the Kites.

Robin Hemmings.

Robin Hemmings

Born in London. Robin first performed with W3Detour at Brentford.Currently playin bass with The Kites and thanks to Rosemary for lending Robin on the day