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Danno Sheehan Biography

Cork Ireland.

Danno Sheehan with the Dixies family family

Born Daniel Patrick Sheehan, Danno's deep Irish heritage, and being the oldest of 5 siblings in a typically church-going Irish Catholic family, stood him in good stead as a young child. However, emerging as a teenager in the early 60's Danno was to question the beliefs on which his education were established. Too early as yet (as the hippie movement hadn't started) piano lessons were compulsory and it was to be Danno's first entry into the world of music. It is therefore no surprise that when the iconic Shadows emerged on the scene in 1961 that Danno was to make the smooth transition to guitar.

It was in the 60's.

Danno Sheehan with essence Danno Sheehan with Boothouse Danno Sheehan with Boothouse

Moving on, the heady days in Cork, with regular visits from Garry Moore and of course the resident master Rory, Danno's unique writing style was evident and as early as 1965 the lyric for 'Why Not' spurted forth reflecting the rebellious spirit yet to come. Danno was by now a support act to top Showbands including Rory and Garry and was honing his passion with various Cork bands.

buckinghamshire England.

Daughters Linda in Oz Daughter Anna's son

With a move to London in 1972 he was to settle down in rural Buckinghamshire and marry but was forever writing. 'Sit Down' represents this steady phase of his life. Two beautiful daughters set the scene for 'Unfinished Business' and the realization that he could still craft a song or two.

Glasgow Scotland.

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Glasgow Glasgow Glasgow

A stint in Glasgow his band Canvist played many of the blues festivals from Colne to Dundee. Adding the Blues Harp to his many talents and features on Why Not| Canvist produced a promo EP followed by an album "under cover" featuring track from the bands setlist. And a number of appearances on scotish TV follow album link for details


America America

Relationships are forever deemed as a challenge and his songs have always come from the heart as he tries to fathom the complexities. 'Back To You' is one such song. A trip to LA with his 'Valley Girl' produced an Americana flavoured ditty written at LAX. A drunken incident at Detroit Airport put an end to that phase of his life, which provided the words for 'The Man I Used To Be' Danno enjoyed taking part is a number of Jams while in LA playing Blues Harp.

London England

Passing Time Album Purchase Single Gael Bone

Now based in London with his Band W3Detour, the first album 'Passing Time' is available. A follow up single reflecting on the state of the plannet 'Are there Gods on Mars' During Locdown a chance to record with Anna Lucus at BJ Coles Studio an EP 'Gael Bones'. It's been a long journey on a rugged and yet enchanted road for Danno, not finished as yet, and the words to 'Unfinished Business' still remain. If asked, Danno would have to admit 'I Didn't Always Get It Right' but one day his soul will rest, the demons will be gone, but hopefully not the writing... a new album is now in production. Gathering the old the new and the blues reflecting the outstanding works not recorded over 50 years of writing bring the catalog up to date. It wont stop there.......

Unfinished Business.

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Danno Sheehan